What Skills Do You Need for Marketing Assistant Jobs?

Marketing assistant jobs are one of the growing fields in London that is wide open to individuals with a wealth of skills, experience, or educational attainment. While generally considered entry-level, these jobs are interesting, and often involve working in a fast-paced, ever changing environment.

Successful candidates for marketing assistant jobs display such skills as creativity, good organizational skills, and drive, skills which are at the core of the marketing industry. Other skills that are marketable include the ability to do thorough research, writing press releases, following through on a campaigns results, and the ability to juggle many different tasks at once. Excellent communication skills are essential, both verbal and written.

Someone who is passionate about marketing will likely move up one day, applying for account manager jobs. These jobs require a fine tuning of all the skills needed for marketing assistant positions, and account manager jobs offer a higher salary. People who usually rise to this level are driven and enjoy the fast pace of the advertising world. It is ot for people who dislike change, or who prefer a slow and steady pace.

If you are looking to get into the marketing field, online job postings an help you decide what types of positions you qualify for. They can also help you see what employers and recruiters are looking for, so you can tailor your CV to match.

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